Patient Testimonials

"Wanted to jump on here real quick and let you know that I KNOW that the treatments are working. When you asked me about my clothes fitting any differently – I truly can't tell to any large degree with the clothes I'm wearing on a daily basis – which largely is workout clothes. BUT I spent yesterday afternoon and today trying on "Business Attire" outfits to pack for the Wildtree Conference and those are clothes I don't wear often at all and in fact – there were a number of items I recall had gotten a bit snug in the waist. WELL – tried everything on and guess what – it all fit – even a Lily Pulitzer dress that I KNOW the last time I tried it on was uncomfortably snug but I held onto it because I love the dress."
Patient - E. H.
"Sorry for taking so long to get this to you, but wanted to share my "Aha-moment" with you!

As you know I was slightly discouraged by my final results after my 4th treatment a couple weeks ago. I didn't "FEEL" the difference, however I was pleasantly surprised by the final measurements and Body Matrix measurements, the tape measure doesn't lie and I think most of my disappointment really lies with my continuing issues with self-body image.

So I went jeans shopping on the Monday after my last treatment. You know as well as I how humbling jeans shopping can be, jeans can be so unforgiving and in my opinion, I dread jeans shopping even more than bathing suit shopping!

I have worn size 6 jeans for the last four years. I have tried on dozens of size 4 jeans and while I can usually squeeze myself into them, I never buy them due to that dreaded muffin-top.

So, I go to Old Navy, where I have had the most luck buying jeans the last few years and grab size 4 in the four or five different styles/cuts they have and guess what?? EVERY SINGLE PAIR FIT!! And I didn't have muffin top in any of them, except the lowest rise pair and to be honest unless you are 15 and weigh 100 pounds you shouldn't wear those anyway!!

I only bought one pair, but got a little excited and tried on some shorts too and the 4's fit great. Not only was there no muffin top in the shorts, but my "saddlebag" area didn't stick out of the shorts or make the shorts too tight in that area."
Patient - C.S.
"Since losing weight a few years ago, I never let the number on the scale or my own self body image dictate how I feel, but rather how my clothes feel on me. So same with the Exilis treatments, even though I (capitalize that I) couldn't see the difference in the mirror, there is no DOUBT there is a big difference in how my clothes are fitting. This just goes to show that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to weight loss and body image. The size on the clothing and the numbers on the measuring tape don't lie and tell the true story.

I really enjoyed talking to you both (I kinda missed you last Friday morning after spending 4 Fridays in a row with you ladies!) and hope to see you again."
Patient - J.V.
"Thank you so much. The whole experience was great. I plan to return in the late summer or early fall (once I pay this package off) for another round to address a few more problem areas. I have told many of my friends about, not only my wonderful experience, but also of my results so hopefully a few of them will be in touch to schedule their own treatments..."
Patient - J.S