Patients in New Orleans rave about their experiences with Exilis, a skin tightening treatment for the abdomen

There are many patterns, designs, and colors to choose from when bathing suit shopping. However, how you feel about your abdominal area may be the deciding factor between a bikini and a one piece. The team at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans wants to help you feel confident in your bathing suit. Therefore, we provide Exilis, a skin tightening treatment for the abdomen as well as other areas of the body. Patients throughout Louisiana have raved about their experiences with Exilis. After treatment, many feel more confident about wearing bikinis. Exilis reduces fat and tightens skin at the same time.

Tightening lax skin

The abdomen is one of the many areas of the body Exilis can treat. The thighs, knees, arms, and back are other areas that may need improving before bathing suit season. Patients also seek Exilis to attain tighter skin under the eyes as well as on the neck, chin, and jowls. Regardless of the area they wish to target Exilis can be the ideal solution.

Understanding Exilis

After we have identified the areas of the body you want treated, we will devise a plan. For treatment, we gently guide a handheld device over the targeted area. The device delivers thermal energy into the tissue beneath the skin. By activating a cooling feature on the device, we can reach deeper tissues. Patients describe the painless treatment as similar to a hot stone massage.

Providing convenient treatment

In addition to being a comfortable treatment, it is convenient. We understand time is precious. Therefore, we provide treatment typically in less than an hour, which gives you the option of having a session during your lunch break. Another benefit of Exilis is there is no downtime. After the relaxing experience, you can return to work or your daily activities.

Maximizing the results of Exilis

We recommend four to six Exilis sessions over a few months for optimal results. One way to maintain long lasting results is to drink plenty of water and participate in light exercise after treatment.

What are the other benefits of Exilis? Patients are more inclined to maintain their results with exercise and healthy diets. They are more confident and more likely to wear bikinis. Would you like to explore your candidacy for Exilis? If you would, call 504-777-3047.

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