Exilis is an effective non surgical fat reduction procedure in New Orleans

If you’ve been on the lookout for a non surgical alternative to liposuction, you have found it with Exilis treatments for fat reduction from The Lupo Center in New Orleans. Exilis is a proven method to reduce stubborn, hard to remove fat on the body and also to leave the skin tighter and firmer.

Everyone knows that diet and exercise are an important component to fat reduction and weight loss. Unfortunately for many, there are still areas of fat that won’t seem to budge. Exilis targets these stubborn areas to reduce the fat, all without ever having to go “under the knife.” Exilis eliminates the need for more invasive plastic surgery procedures and has virtually no recovery time. Alternatives like liposuction can leave patients recovering for weeks.

Exilis utilizes radio frequency to heat the pockets of fatty tissue located underneath the skin. This process stimulates metabolic activity and causes those fat cell to shrink and then be absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Exilis treatments are delivered via a handpiece that is gently massaged on the targeted area. Patients say that this process feels similar to that of a hot stone massage. The handpiece also delivers a cooling sensation to the skin to minimize discomfort on the surface. Patients remain relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure.

Treatment sessions are 30-45 minutes, and patients will need up to six of them spaced several weeks apart for maximum results. Most patients experience the loss of several inches over the course of treatment. Side effects may include redness or inflammation near the treatment area, but this will go away shortly.

Exilis is quickly becoming one of the most popular, non surgical ways to recontour the body. Patients enjoy the lasting results that are free of incisions. The best part about Exilis is that there is no downtime, you are free to leave treatment and go on about your day as usual.

If you are in New Orleans and are tired of that muffin top or those love handles that simply will not go away, call us today to find out if Exilis might be the solution for which you’ve been searching.

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