How can Exilis help New Orleans patients with body contouring?

There are times in which certain parts of our body just don’t respond to our efforts to improve them. We may spend hours in the gym trying to fight the bulge and maintain a healthy diet, only to be unhappy with the way we look and feel. Treatments such as skin tightening may be considered at these times. At Dr. Mary Lupo Aesthetic and General Dermatology, we offer an amazing solution to patients for body contouring: Exilis. New Orleans patients can visit our dermatological practice for Exilis treatment and help tightening the skin in problem areas such as the face, neck, and the body.

After weight loss, some patients experience sagging and loose skin. Others may deal with this skin concern over the course of time as they age. Exilis is a body contouring treatment that can help tighten the skin and provide a firmer appearance while also stimulating the production of collagen. This treatment utilizes thermal energy to target areas of concern and promote positive changes that can result in younger, supple looking skin with time.

Dr. Mary Lupo is proud to offer body-contouring treatments such as Exilis in her practice. She has found that patients can use this procedure to attain a more youthful appearance and tighten troublesome areas of the body for a more beautiful look. This particular treatment can also boost patient’s self-esteem and confidence, as they are more comfortable in their own skin. The benefit of this treatment is not only physical, but can be emotional as well.

Are you considering ways to tighten your body and improve the appearance of your skin on certain areas of your body? Are you ready to undergo a non-invasive in-office treatment that can benefit you for years to come? Now is the time to consider the benefits of body contouring with Exilis. If you live in the New Orleans area and you are considering body-contouring methods such as this, call Dr. Mary Lupo Aesthetic and General Dermatology today to schedule your consultation appointment and initial examination.

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