Face and neck rejuvenation with Exilis for patients in New Orleans

Most of us take for granted the smooth, plump, soft skin of our youth. During the younger years, the body produces plenty of collagen and elastin, which allow the skin to retain structure and hydration. Muscle tone also allows facial contours to stand out.

As you age, your body's production of collagen and elastin slows. Your ability to retain muscle mass decreases and years of lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, smoking, or pollutants all take a toll on the skin. At some point, many people look in the mirror and are shocked that their appearance does not match how they feel.

At Lupo Center in New Orleans, we offer patients an option to turn back the clock without having to go under the knife. Exilis is a non-surgical solution for face and neck rejuvenation that is taking the city by storm. More and more patients are turning to this safe, FDA approved option to take years off their appearance.

Exilis is controlled by a small handheld device that delivers precise amounts of radio frequency to the deep layers of tissue located beneath the skin. Dr. Lupo is able to control the device to deliver the right amount of energy while also cooling the surface of the skin to make the treatment comfortable for patients.

Exilis stimulates growth and regeneration of the collagen fibers, which can tighten and thicken the skin. Over the course of treatment, patients will notice skin that is visibly firmer and looks much younger.

The best part of Exilis is there are no needles, no incisions, no anesthesia, and no painful recovery. In fact, you are able to go on with your day as normal after treatment. Patients simply come in for four to six sessions spaced out every couple of weeks for optimal results. To maximize results, patients should increase water intake and engage in light physical activity after their sessions.

Patients in New Orleans are raving about Exilis as a non-invasive way to look younger in the face and neck. If you are ready to find out the many advantages of Exilis, call Lupo Center today to schedule your consultation.

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