Patients in New Orleans with stubborn body fat enjoy the results from Exilis skin tightening treatment

Think of the areas of your body you wish to improve. Is there skin sagging on your neck? Would you like to see a waistline reduction? Are you tired of pinching your love handles? Exilis is a skin tightening and fat reduction treatment that can be the ideal solution to all of these body concerns. Nationally known dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo and her team at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology provide Exilis as well as many other treatments to patients in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. With Exilis, patients have bid farewell to stubborn fat and sagging skin. As a result, they have welcomed better-fitting clothing and renewed confidence into their lives.

When patients think about the areas of stubborn fat on their bodies they wonder if a surgical procedure is the only way to combat it. Thanks to Exilis, they can have the bodies of their dreams without any needles, numbing agents, or pain during treatment.

Attaining a better body

Envision the body you have always wanted. Now fast forward a few months. You could embrace the new and improved “you” when looking in the mirror. Those few months would have included four to six Exilis sessions combating the areas of your body that bothered you the most. Exilis is an excellent adjunct to a healthy diet and modest exercise to improve your body.

Do you want to make this dream a reality? The first step toward achieving your dream is scheduling a consultation appointment. We can answer any questions you may have at your appointment. We will examine your body to determine if the treatment is right for you. If you are a candidate for the treatment, we will devise a plan together. Then, you can mark your calendar for an Exilis session every couple of weeks over the next few months.

Your sessions can take place during your lunch breaks because they typically last less than an hour. You can also return to work or other scheduled activities after a session because there is no downtime. Patients liken the treatment experience to a hot stone massage.

Patients have noticed a one to two inch reduction in their waistlines and bid farewell to love handles as well as sagging skin after Exilis treatment. Do you want to explore if Exilis is the solution to your body woes? We will be happy to talk with you during a consultation. Schedule yours today by calling 504-777-3047.

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