Exilis helps New Orleans patients achieve the "after" results they've always desired

What if you could say goodbye to those stubborn areas of fat on your stomach, thighs, or back for good? What would you think if we told you that it could be done without crazy hours at the gym, fad diets, or surgery? With Exilis from the Lupo Center, you can enjoy a safe and convenient method for reducing fat and reshaping your body. Many New Orleans patients are turning to Exilis because there is no downtime and amazing "after results."

We see it a lot. Patients who do everything right, put hours in at the gym, count calories, and drink plenty of water. Unfortunately, that isn't always enough. Some people are still left with a muffin top that just won't go away.

Previously, many people thought their only option was to go under the knife. Exilis offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional plastic surgery. Our patients are enjoying the body they've always wanted without having to go through anesthesia, downtime, and painful recovery periods.

Exilis is administered through a hand held applicator that delivers a deep thermal heat to the layers of tissue beneath the skin. The heat targets fat deposits to eliminate them. It is a FDA-cleared, safe, and effective. With Exilis, there is no downtime, so patients can go on with their day immediately after the session.

Because the Exilis applicator delivers a cooling sensation to the skin while also heating the fat layers, the treatments are comfortable and tolerable. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted to make sure treatments are tolerable.

Patients should increase water consumption along with engaging in light exercise to help maximize the results from Exilis. Some patients see results immediately, although it typically takes about four to six sessions spaced several weeks apart for maximum results.

If you are in the New Orleans area and want to get rid of those stubborn fat areas for good, call the Lupo Center today to learn more about Exilis. We can perform a consultation and exam to help determine if Exilis is right for you.

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