Patients in New Orleans can look younger with Exilis treatments

Loose skin is something that many people dread developing as they age. As our skin ages, we begin to lose facial volume that gives the face beautiful contours. The skin's ability to hold water decreases and skin becomes thin and sags around the neck and jowls. As the collagen and elastin continue to break down, the face and neck begin to look much older than it did in our 20s and 30s.

Surgical facelifts were once the only option to handling these common signs of aging. However, surgery comes with a set of risks. First, there is anesthesia. Then, patients must deal with a long and potentially painful recovery. There may even be a risk of significant scarring.

There is a non-surgical way to look younger. Exilis is a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical facelifts. Exilis can combat the physical signs of aging, and there is no anesthesia, no needles, and no downtime.

Exilis can be used to treat the sagging, loose skin that occurs because of aging. Patients can relax while we use the handheld Exilis device to deliver deep thermal energy to problem areas. The heat penetrates into the deep layers of skin while simultaneously delivering a cooling sensation to the surface for maximum patient comfort.

Exilis stimulates regeneration of the collagen network. This can firm and tighten skin gradually over the course of the treatment plan. Exilis sessions are usually completed in less than an hour in our New Orleans office. Most patients will require four to six sessions, scheduled about two weeks apart for the best results. Side effects are minimal and may include redness near the treatment area. Because Exilis is non-invasive, patients are free to resume normal daily activity immediately after their treatments. Results from Exilis will begin to develop over several months.

Exilis is appropriate for most patients over the age of 25. A consultation with Dr. Lupo will let you know whether Exilis is right for you. For more information, call us today and schedule your appointment.

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